5 incredible benefits of professional window cleaning

Have you been gazing out of your windows lately, only to discover up close that the glass is covered in dirt and grime? Perhaps a recent storm has bought dirty rain that has stained the windows, or maybe you’ve been putting it off for months. The question is, should you do the job yourself, or let a professional window cleaning service handle it? It could depend on the size of your home or business, or the standard to which you want them cleaned. To help you decide, we’ll discuss 5 incredible benefits of professional window cleaning below.

Improve the appearance of your home or business

The appearance of a house is very commonly associated with the exterior paint and features, or perhaps the interior design and furnishings. Windows are something that many can overlook, however they are extremely important in ensuring that the appearance of your home is inviting and immaculate.

Even with the cleanest walls and interior, a house will still look unappealing and aged if the windows are dirty. Having clean windows will add curb appeal to your home. If you plan to sell the house, or just to add general value to your property, sparkling windows can help.

First impressions count with business – You only get one chance. Clean windows can impress customers by setting a quality standard and making a good visual impression. A business that appears dirty and unkept can result in unimpressed clientele and stakeholders, so consider hiring a commercial window cleaning service to maintain your interior and exterior windows.

Save time and energy with professional window cleaning services

Most of us tend to live extremely busy lives with work and family commitments, so window cleaning is not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Domestic window cleaning can be a long and drawn-out process when done correctly and it can get overwhelming when you aren’t getting the results you would like.

Initially, dirt and dust need to be removed from the frames, followed by precise cleaning to remove any stubborn dirt stains on the glass itself. You also need to ensure you have the right cleaning products to ensure your windows are streak-free and sparkling clean.

If your home or business has a substantial number of large windows, the process could take days. If you can’t find the time or the willpower to wash your windows, consider hiring a professional window cleaner to take care of the problem for you.

Our team has years of experience professionally cleaning windows. We can complete the job effectively and efficiently so you can concentrate on doing more important things. Contact our window cleaning team today to carry out window cleaning in Melbourne today


If you own a two-storey home, you may be familiar with the challenges that come with keeping the exterior clean. Cleaning windows at height can be a risky task, especially if you haven’t obtained the correct equipment beforehand. Going up and down a ladder all day can be very dangerous, time consuming and exhausting if you don’t have the right training and tools.

If you decide to use a ladder and clean your windows yourself, ensure that you follow safety precautions and place the ladder in a stable position. Also avoid wet and windy days which could cause the ladder to slip. Faulty locking systems and broken glass are also common hazards that can cause injury, so take extra care around your windows.

Be careful when dealing with mould build up around your windows as well. This can be very unhealthy to breathe if you aren’t familiar with carefully handling mildew. Professional window cleaners will chemically remove any unhealthy build up around the windows, removing it safely and making the air safer to breathe.

If you opt to leave the job to the professional window cleaners, it will prevent injuries, minimise risk and ensure that your windows stay clean without the risk of damage to you or your home. At Adaptive Property Services our team is fully insured, so in the unlikely event of an incident, you know you are safe with us.

Maintain and extend the life of your windows

Over extended periods of time, dirt and debris can damage your windows by collecting clusters and etching into the glass. Frequent window cleaning will prevent the dirt from building up, keeping your glass spotless and shiny.

Hard water is water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, and is often found in rain and waterways. Allowing hard water to accumulate on glass windows will also cause etching and permanent damage to the glass. This is not only unappealing visually, but may affect the integrity of the glass causing it to break.

Professional window cleaners will take the time to inspect your windows when cleaning them, to ensure that there is no damage that could cause a potential problem in the future. We recommend regular maintenance to ensure your windows are in prime condition, doing their job to protect your premises for years to come.

Improve your interior space and save energy

Have you ever kept the blinds closed because the cobwebs on your windows are embarrassing? Clean windows will allow you to open up the house as soon as the sun is shining.

Showing off your clean windows will provide more natural light to the interior of your home, improving the light levels and brightening up your space. Studies show that natural light boosts our vitamin D levels, reduces the health risks of fluorescent lighting and improves sleep.

Increased levels of natural light will also reduce the need for electric lighting and will therefore save you money, especially in a commercial or business setting. Natural light will also improve the ambience of the room and generally enhance the beauty of your home or business, making it more attractive to guests or customers.

There are many wonderful benefits that come with choosing a professional window cleaning service. From saving time to improving your interior space, the professionals will leave you satisfied with your glistening, clean windows.

If you’re searching for professional window cleaning in Melbourne, get in touch with our team of experts. We offer domestic window cleaning as well as commercial window cleaning, so you can ensure that both your home and business windows are always sparkling and clean. Our team have years of experience washing windows, so you know your glass is in good hands. Contact us to schedule a booking today! We would love to help you freshen up your windows!

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